Coming Together

Turning on the news nowadays we are constantly hearing about coronavirus, death rates, Trump talking about something that doesn’t make sense, and the grim realities that front line workers are unfortunately dealing with in regards with protective gears and testing. However there are moments in between that give us hope and it reminds us that we are all in this together, not to sound cheesy, by adding a human touch to this pandemic. I experienced one of these moments today while I was reading the news today.

Restaurants are one of the many businesses that have been forced to shut down or completely change the way that they sell food by only selling takeout orders. Yet I have seen so many restaurants come out and donate money to essential workers. A couple quotes in this article that really stood out to me were when Whitney Aycock owner of Whit’s End restaurant in Rockaway Beach spoke about giving out free pizza slices, she said “If I was in this for the money, I’d play the stock market. I love food. I’ve always been passionate about food. And this is being responsible in my own sense.” And when Michael Mignano owner of Farine Baking Company said he was inspired to give out “common kitchen staples like bags of rice and cans of beans” at his Jackson Heights bakery by a conversation he had with a customer “who relied on public school lunches to feed her children.” 

These two quotes reminded me what a binding agent food is. We have talked about this often in class about how food can unite people of different backgrounds and tells stories. Seeing people like Whitney who is giving out free pizza slices to Michael giving out kitchen staples are key examples of food bringing people together and telling a story. They are telling the story of people who love food feeling a sense of responsibility and giving back to their community the same way essential workers are but by giving out food, the same way a bus driver is going out everyday taking people where they need to go. I was also reminded of the way that different cultures use food as a way of caring and appreciation, how by baking someone a cake is a way of saying thank you and I appreciate you. These restaurants are doing the same thing with their communities, they are saying we hear you and we appreciate you, and we are here for you.

Nothing brings people together like good food - Page 3 - QuotesBook

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