For the last assignment I originally wanted to interview my grandmother, I thought about all the different recipes and stories she had to tell about food. My grandmother was born and grew up in Pereira, with five siblings and her way of life was very different from the way I grew up. Her brother owns a small farm and she spent a lot of time cooking outside in fire pits because the “ la madera le da un sabor diferente a la comida” and because it brought the whole family together. Making a sancocho or mazamorra in a giant pot outside was a way to bind the family. They would make a weekend trip out of it and plan around the cooking of the food. All the women in the family would chop the vegetables and the men would help with picking the avocados for the meal and building the fire pit outside. My grandmother doesn’t believe in grocery shopping in bulk. She goes out everyday to buy fresh vegetables, eggs, arepas, and milk. The thought of a microwave or a toaster oven would make her gasp, she hates the fact that we have both at my house. The more I thought about it the more I was excited to tell her stories and see how food was such an important part of her life. However the more I thought about it, the more I became inclined to interview my mom. I have never had a conversation with my mom about food or the way that she views it, while I have quite a few times with my grandma. Also my grandma has lived in Colombia and continues to live in Colombia now, while my mom immigrated from Colombia to the United States at the age of 30, with a two year old child (me), and my dad. I wanted to know how the change was from having that community around food and my grandmothers cooking, my mom lived at my grandma’s house her entire life, even after marrying my dad she lived in the basement of the house with him and I, up until she left for the United states. I wanted to get to know how she formed a community around food in a foreign land where she didn’t understand the language.

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