Taco Bell

When mentioning Taco Bell and its contribution to Mexican food, I feel as hough there is always a mixed reaction. Some people claiming that Taco Bell is the most inauthentic form of Mexican food, some people who enjoy it, and people who credit Taco Bell for introducing them to Mexican food and who have now broadened their palates.

Before this class, I considered myself someone who wouldn’t frequent Taco Bell, and who knew it was not authentic Mexican food, but I was not aware of the extent of Taco Bells inauthenticity.

Last week while skimming through the Taco Bell website, I was dumbfounded that not once was food mentioned or Mexico in their ABOUT US section. It seemed as if as an institution it wanted to erase the culture that is was capitalizing on. Being a Mexican food chain aspects as small as labelling tortillas appropriately between flour and corn rather than soft shell or hard shell should be something that they could do. It feels as if Taco Bell took the idea to make tacos from Mexican cuisine and borrowed their ingredients, but erased the culture, history and language that embodies the food.

It raises the question in my head of what responsibility does a chain have to the culture of the food that they serve ?


Image result for taco bell  menu

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