I found this video on youtube and I found that it tied in with our class discussion nicely. The opening of the video starts off with a historical description of Pozole and details how it is a dish that precedes colonization in Mexico. Food is such a powerful instrument to talk about history, culture, integration and humans because it is something we all must consume and tie so many memories and emotions with.Our last class discussion we discussed how some dishes originated from religious ceremonies, that sometimes included human sacrifice Claudette Zepeda clearly shows that history of Pozole in this video and how it has come to be something that is deeply ingrained in Mexican culture. 

The way that she describes herself as a cultural anthropologist is such an interesting lense to explore food through, especially Mexican food since it has been a food that has gone through so many changes, both within Mexico through colonization and outside of Mexico as it has integrated into other cultures, and transformed from there.

I love the way that she explains each ingredient as she adds it to her Pozole and how different countries have also influenced this deeply historical dish. It also ties in with what we are learning in class about nixtamalization and the way that a dish is cooked differently in distinct areas and they are all correct and authentic.

I found it so interesting that even the color of the food held importance and how the colors were indicative of the flag. It makes me wonder if non Mexican chefs, cooking Mexican food are aware of the history and importance of every detail of the dishes they are cooking?

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