Ode to Tacos

The woman walks towards me and hand me to you

your warm to the touch- even through the soft paper

I can feel the warmth that you emit..

slowly heating up my hand.

I carefully place you on the wood table

careful to not spill your your spices or insides out of

the soft light brown blanket you embrace them in.

Like on overflowing sink filled with delight.

I look down and study you, taking in every color, every texture.

Dark brown carnitas stare up at me juicy, enticing me to take a taste.

Cilantro leaves waving like messy hair in between empty spaces of avocado and


To your right two more just like you.

And to your left, a bright green lime,

a strong citrus smell almost masking the smell of

steak and tomato and onions.

I lift you carefully the dark spot of tortilla

sinking into my fingers heavy and

gentle at the same time.

The first bite is a powerful mix of taste buds

dancing on the surface of my tongue.

Spices, vegetables, meat sauces, all coming together.

Savory, salty, sweet, chunks and smooth guacamole all coming together

The sound crunch of the radish, followed by the smooth texture of guacamole

slightly lingering on the roof of my mouth.

The tortilla full of flavors of

reminding me of a warm hug,

soft and chewy at the same time

I can taste the love of the hands that rolled you

cooked you


added all their love into crafting you.

Tacos- thank you

One thought on “TACOS

  1. If you mix some Spanish in here, maybe throw in some odes to specific kinds of tacos, or make some funny jokes, I think we’re on to something;

    y taquero, we lock eyes, joven, tu sabes
    dos con todo, yeah all the al pastor
    porque al pastor es mi senor

    As you see, I have lots of fun writing taco poems too. 🙂


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