Street Food

I saw this video on my facebook feed from an account called Vice. I thought it related a lot to our class and at the same time it is an amazing story about an entrepreneurial Mexican woman. I think this is a good way to start a conversation about what is considered good authentic Mexcian food. Some people believe food has to come from an establishment to be good, and that a food truck does not have worthy food. Without thinking about the social and economic disadvantages that people from a lower economic class have.

Evelia Coyotzi started a business, even though it is from a “pushcart” she employs people, satisfies customer needs, supports her family and puts so much work into what she does. This pushcart that sells tamales for $1 is so much more authentic than establishments such as taco bell but it does not get the recognition that it deserves. 

All these tamales are home-made and are made by women putting in countless hours of work preparing the food for over four hours.  This raises another question about the pricing of hispanic food in this case Mexcian food. No one would blink twice about American cuisines, or French costing more , however Mexican food is not valued for all the work that it has and all the hours that go into cooking it. 

I think this is such a powerful video about a woman that never gave up and preserved through arrests and disrcimination to feed her community and continue supporting her family.  The community around her relies on her labor to have food for breakfast and for lunch always expecting to see her between 4am and noon. 

This video opened my eyes to trying different food trucks that might have amazing food and a strong history behind them. There is so much value behind street food, this reminded me of our class conversation today as well. When talking about California and how all the food stands were pushed out by “Mexican Restaurants” that pushed to sell “Mexicanism” rather than Mexican Food. It doesn’t need to be a sit down restaurant to have quality food made with love. I’m hoping to visit this spot soon and leave a review about her tamales!

One thought on “Street Food

  1. I think we might be watching some of this later on in class. But yes, this is a great story.

    Also, think back to what Arellano wrote about the tamale vendors way back in US history. There’s a kind of repetition there, you see.


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