I love avocados, I think they are the perfect fruit even though I consider it a vegetable in my mind. My favorite way to eat avocados is with salt and lime, and my second favorite is guacamole. Guacamole comes “from one of the indigenous languages of Mexico, Nahuatl, which combined the words ahuacatl (now aguacate in Spanish, the word for avocado) and with molli (now mole in Spanish, a type of Mexican sauce)”. The Aztecs made guacamole prior to the 16th century. Early guacamole was made purely of avocado. Which is why the word consists of avocado sauce, since it was its main and only ingredient. Guacamole became very popular in “Mesoamerican society because of the abnormal nutritional value of avocados.” Avocados “can help to decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality while promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight.”

It is due to the Columbian exchange and all the different migrations that gave way to the guacamole we know today. Most guacamole recipes in todays age include onions, spices, tomatoes, garlic, and lime. Ingredients such as “garlic and cumin, came first from southern Asia to Europe”, the Persian lime “originated in southern Asia, was produced in large scale in the Middle East, and reached Western Europe”

Its history is one of migration and evolution from solely avocado to one of a melody of flavors. Guacamole is not commonly served everywhere, variations of guacamole are used on avocado toasts, it is an appetizer at many different restaurants and it is loved by all. Commonly referred to as guac, it is widely popularized by places such as Qdoba that offer free guac with a burrito or taco. There are many memes that talk about guac and it brings people together being one fo the most popular foods served at events such as the Super-bowl. Guacamole has such a rich history and is the testament to how migration and trade brought about new dishes.

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