Food Writer

Being an english major aside from a love of writing offers many professional opportunities. This is both the best thing and the scariest part since it is such an open ended field. This class has helped me see that there are more options than I thought! Yet it also showed me since there are so many options, you can easily tie it to a passion, anything, even TACOS!! Food writing is something we have talked about multiple times in class, and there are so many avenues you can go into. No book we read in class this semester was similar to another and yet they were all tied around one common theme of food. Currently reading American Taco Tacos by Jose R. Ralat there was one line that in my opinion summed up food writing, on page 13 when introducing his book he says “ This is a living document charting the dynamic and developing regional American tacos.”

The term that he uses “living document” charting dynamic and developing foods really struck me and made me see a new perspective of food writing. And how food writing is an ever evolving document that can be used as a lens into a plethora of different studies. It can be used as a lens into history, politics, sociology, anthropology, communities, migration, foodways, and much more. In his book Ralat explores the American Taco but he also explores the communities around it and the evolution of the taco through the migration it has gone through.In Eating NAFTA, Galvez also uses food to explore communities and the evolution of different dishes yet she takes a more historical and political lens in her approach going into in depth research about trade agreements especially NAFTA.

Food is a basic need for everyone but it is so much more than that. It is a binding agent in communities, it is the way we help our neighbor or say thank you, or its a little piece of home we take with us on journeys. Food writers are immortalizing these stories and like Ralat stated creating a living document, of all the ways that food change and evolve as well as people.

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