Arroz Con Pollo

During this extra time at home, my mom and I have been trying to make the best of it by cooking something new together once the past leftovers are finished. Today we made arroz con pollo and I decided to do some research on where it originated from since almost all my friends have some version of arroz con pollo and they are all from very different places. Arroz con pollo is how Colombians call it, and it consists of an orange tinted rice mixed with vegetables and chicken along with whatever meat is available pork or sausage. Arroz con pollo in my home is a dish that is made when we have left over meat from the day before and want to eat it with something.

One of my best friends is Cuban and arroz con pollo is a staple dish in her home. Arroz con pollo is a family and a whole day affair. They start cooking the rice with chicken and other meats in the morning marinating everything with beer and an array of different spices. Their rice is yellow rather than orange and has a different taste due to the beer and the different spices they use. During my time abroad I visited Spain and their chicken paella is very similar to our arroz con pollo. The rice has a different taste and consistency than other arroz con pollos but very similar ingredients. Last year I went to Saint Martin for Spring Break and they had their own version of arroz con pollo called Chicken Lokri. The Lokri I experienced was served in two different ways, one similar to the look of Colombian arroz con pollo with chicken and meat mixed into an orange brown tinted rice, the only difference was that this one is a bit spicy. The other way is rice and vegetables served with a side of chicken and then a sauce is poured over both, the sauce is brown and is sweet and tangy.

As I researched arroz con pollo I found that in Dominican Republic it is called locrio similar to the way that it is called Lokri in St. Martin. Reasserting the etymologically of the word Locrio I found that that the “suffix of the word is the prefix of the word criollo”, this steams from the the Portugese word Creole which referred to someone a person of “mixed European and black descent, especially in the Caribbean”. The word Locrio also derives from the word “”locro”, which is a stew of the countries located in the Andes mountain range”. The word Lociro would translate to “Creole Stew” and in its origin would have been “an adaptation of the Valencian paella, which was a typical dish of humble origin, of the Spanish peasants”.

Being that St. Martin and Dominican Republic were both colonized by the the French, it makes sense how they two islands have such a similar way to call the dish. And how transcontinental trade arroz con pollo can be found in so many different cultures.

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Arroz con pollo
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