I have yet to meet someone who dislikes a margarita, for those who think a margarita is a bit too strong, the frozen margarita with a selection of fruity flavors is perfect. As I researched the origin of the margarita many different stories came up and many different connoisseurs wanted credit for coming up with the drink. The word margarita means daisy in Spanish, and as I read an article by the National Geographic magazine it explained how there were already gin daises, whiskey daisies, it was inevitable for tequila to become the base liquor for this drink.

Even though this drink is delicious, the popularity it has is largely due to the marketing behind it. There is a national margarita day and a national tequila day and restaurant and bar owners entice their customers to come in with huge discounts. Places such as Applebee’s offer one dollar margaritas and many others follow in their foot steps. Its not only these two holidays, it is also Cinco de Mayo, and daily happy hours through out the state. Mexican food for me will always have a connotation with margaritas because it is advertised so fiercely.

The original margarita consisted of ice, tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and a splash of soda. According to a survey documented in National Geographic, “the margarita was the most commonly ordered drink in the U.S., accounting for 18 percent of all mixed drink sales”.

Margaritas have become so embedded into American culture that the frozen margarita machine prototype “can be seen today in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. “ Illustrating how important it is to American history, food, and culture.

Image result for frozen margarita machine prototype smithsonian museum

One thought on “Margaritas

  1. Ah, you found the picture of the machine. Yes, it’s a classic alright. I think Arellano does a great job narrating this fascinating story, but also focusing on how Mexican alcohol has been another way Mexican food has conquered the USA. The agave plant from which tequila comes from is fascinating and lots of uses, besides alcohol. The fibers of the plant can also be used to make textiles. I’ve also been at fincas in Mexico where we would slice off leaves of agaves to use as plates. It’s an old plant, and the people of Mesoamerica had many, many uses for it, one of the least was to make spirits, but that has become perhaps the most popular use of the plant.


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